Anderson Pull Bar

Anderson Pull Bar
Item# APB

Product Description

Pulls probe rods, stuck drills, grounding rods with excellent 16:1 mechanical advantage. Long 2” pull per stroke. Unique double jaw action won’t bend the bar. Don’t have to push your arm to the ground. Weighs only 25 lbs. Easy to use, easy to assemble, easy to store in the truck. Comes with heavy duty nylon bag so it’s easy to carry. Handle folds flat for compact storage, extends with round grip for more comfortable operation and increased power.

Available in three jaw ranges to maximize the pull per stroke: If you only use a ˝” rod then buy the “narrow” (range 1/2” to 7/8”). The “medium” is optimized for 7/8” rods but will accept up to 1” round stock and down to ˝” rod. The “wide” is optimized for 1” hex bars (range ˝” rod to 1-1/4” hex).